We are a UK based Sitecore Partner with Sitecore XP8 Accredited Professional Developers, making us an ideal partner to help you make your Sitecore content management project a complete success.

In particular our status is based on our ability to deliver complex implementations and extensive customisations including bespoke functionality where needed.

As well as Sitecore design, implementation and training, we deliver Content Management System (CMS) or Web Experience Platform (WEP) projects as part of our wider digital and marketing services.

Contact us to find out more about Sitecore and other content management solutions.

Need to get more out of your Sitecore Platform?

Appius can help you upgrade or leverage the full audience segmentation, personalisation and marketing automation capabilities of Sitecore. Contact us to learn about how Appius are happy to start with a small measurable project, Sitecore Audit or strategy review.

Add Appius Services

Add Appius services to get exceptional results from your Sitecore project
  • Digital Strategy
  • Digital Marketing
  • User Centred Design
  • Bespoke Customisation
  • Marketing Automation

Why does Appius like Sitecore?

We offer a range of CMS applications but note the following particular strengths of Sitecore:

  • A full Experience Platform with capabilities far exceeding those of a traditional CMS
  • A single platform rather than multiple platforms for web presence, audience profiling and email communications
  • Bespoke cross-channel customer interaction analytics and tracking combined with audience segmentation and covering external non Sitecore websites in your portfolio
  • A powerful platform commanding a higher licence fee but saving you from making a number of additional software application purchases
  • A .NET solution with strong extensibility
  • Good Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) capabilities
  • Mobile and responsive capabilities for cross-device website delivery
  • A mature integration layer and connectors for CRM
  • SharePoint connector for users of SharePoint for document management or collaboration
  • The ability to manage content and personalisation for print and offline via their CMS

But there is a lot more to consider before making one the biggest decisions in internet marketing: which content management system is right for me?

Why not contact us to draw on our experience of Sitecore and other content management solutions, and start the conversation today.

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