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Appius formulated a strategic proposal aimed at transforming the digital platform into a profitable channel for LifeSearch.

Through our close collaboration with LifeSearch, we successfully developed and executed a comprehensive program that evolved their website from a mere brochureware site, accounting for less than 10% of their revenue, into a highly lucrative digital channel poised to drive substantial growth.

The scene

LifeSearch stands as one of the UK's premier insurance brokers, dedicated to providing impartial insurance advice and assisting unprotected families in securing the necessary life cover.

While LifeSearch had been effectively delivering value through its call center operations, they aspired to generate more direct leads through digital channels. Additionally, they sought a complete overhaul of their digital brand and user experience, with the goal of reflecting their expertise in advisory services and unique selling propositions.

Simultaneously, the company recognised the need to enhance their Content Management System (CMS) and maximize the potential of their investment in Sitecore.

The story

Appius redesigned the entire Sitecore web presence including UX Testing with target audience and added various digital tools and two innovative digital products, aimed at enhancing user understanding of suitable insurance coverage and creating a digital, self serve quote and buy solution.

The 'Your Needs' tool guides and educates users through a series of questions to determine the most fitting coverage for their needs with costs, and to adjust their decisions and cover based on their budget. The second tool, 'Buy Now,' offers a comprehensive end-to-end online purchase experience. Users can directly buy coverage from the LifeSearch website, which acts as a broker offering quotes from various providers. Additionally, the 'Buy Now' tool can seamlessly redirect users to these providers in cases where a fixed cost isn't available, providing users with a broader range of choices.

The technical transformation

Sitecore recently completed a CMS upgrade to version 10.3, introducing two new digital products and a white-label offering called "PoweredBy."

This upgrade has unlocked a host of new features for LifeSearch, enabling them to embark on a series of engagement marketing initiatives in line with their digital growth objectives.

Appius have designed and configured an entire suite of Google Analytics 4 reporting, bespoke Looker Studio MI reports and Sitecore experience analytics all aligned with GDPR and consent requirements. Sitecore is configured with Personas for personalised experiences and ongoing split testing as part of a continuous optimisation and conversion improvement programme.

The experience

After starting the joint journey with specific Sitecore and user centred design based projects, the ​​​​​​Appius and LifeSearch relationship soon matured to a strategic partnership merging the combined skills and objectives of our businesses.


UX and split testing based overall conversion improvement


conversion uplift from Sitecore personalised content


increase in natural search traffic and 1st page Google listings


partners onboarded for PoweredBy B2B embedded life cover offering

The new journey

Appius and LifeSearch work closely on optimisation, while expanding digital service access channels, systems integrations and analytics.

Notably, LifeSearch now provides embedded insurance solutions through the new "PoweredBy" sub-brand and suite of B2B technical products. Partners can integrate LifeSearch's "Your Needs" and "Buy Now" tools on their websites directly or using a white label approach, while leveraging the expertise of LifeSearch advisers for complex life cover needs or where a user would prefer a call.

Future plans include even greater use of Sitecore Personas and marketing automation capabilities in line with an increasingly digital self service based strategy, plus further systems integrations and enhancements aligning towards a vision of 'single customer view' and AI infused hybrid online and offline customer journeys.

The direct and partner channels that families can use to tap into LifeSearch's award winning services already include brand communities from the likes of CompareTheMarket, MoneySupermarket and Which?. However both the direct LifeSearch channel and the embedded life cover footprint will continue to expand, meaning more unprotected families can protect the life they love - the reason LifeSearch was created and why Appius are so proud of this work and this relationship.

Client feedback

The 'go to' choice for digital agency services

Appius personify what a collaborative and innovative partnership is. We have enjoyed working with them for many years and that has been an easy decision to make due to their consistent ability to deliver to high quality and do what they promise and when. Their ethos is consistent throughout their business and whoever you work with there is a real sense of honesty, genuine care for our business and its success, delivered by a team highly skilled in all aspects of Digital. What is truly outstanding is their rigorous agility to deliver projects through their honed and practiced methodology, their commitment to presenting areas of improvement and growth and their personable and likeable interactions.

The endorsement being we have worked with Appius in multiple organisations we have worked in making them are go to choice for Digital agency services.

Chris Neilson - Chief Technology Officer - LifeSearch & Emma Walker - Chief Marketing Officer - LifeSearch

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