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The scene

LifeSearch is a life insurance broker with incredible brand and insurer partnerships and a passion for protecting families, but needed to achieve much more with its 'direct' strategy.

LifeSearch wanted more direct leads, a completely new digital brand an user experience reflecting both its advisory strengths and service USPs.

At the same time the company needed to upgrade and get the most from their investment in Sitecore with its amazing tracking, AI and personalisation capabilities.

The story

Appius applied its full user centred design process with a full Sitecore rebuild and integration with internal lead and tracking systems.

A new set of user personas and user journeys were created, at the same time as an adventurous set of new digital interactive brand theme options. Our Experience and Engagement team carefully specified new Sitecore components with responsive and adaptive behaviours for the large proportion of mobile device users.

UX research and analytics configuration were applied to take end user input and analytics to a new level on the site. A parallel stream of technical engagement ensured improvements in performance, reliability and overlap with internal systems, with innovative Sitecore based tracking solutions to attribute leads and revenue.

The technical transformation

Sitecore upgrade from 8.2 to 9.01 with full redesign, plus advanced lead attribution tracking and systems integration.

The client's previous Sitecore implementation had not enabled full use of personalisation or analytics - at either the contact or campaign level.

Following on from Appius' user centred design process, the site was completely rebuilt in a fully componentised structure in line with Sitecore's Helix paradigm.

Sitecore forms were implemented but fully integrated with the Lifesearch LeadApi to initate instant pickup and business process initiation for telephone based advisers. All of Sitecore strengths for tracking and marketing automation were combined with advanced tracking solutions to attribute leads and revenue to different partnerships.

The experience

The new site has increased conversion, providing a powerful tool for content delivery, personalisation and optimisation

The outcome of the project is a completely new interactive delivery of the brand and proposition, using a best practice Sitecore implementation. As a digital tool the site now ticks all the boxes for ongoing component based page build and changes. Appius and Lifesearch are able to work together in a collaborative way to enhance and optimise the solution, with work underpinned by detailed insights from Sitecore, Google Analytics and Appius qualitiative UX Testing sessions with the target audience.


year on year website traffic increase


overral visitor conversion improvement


increases in page level conversion from personalisation and split testing


increase in mobile users

The new journey

Appius and Lifesearch work closely on optimisation, while expanding digital service access channels, systems integrations and analytics

Appius provide a rolling programme of engagement marketing, optimisation and technical support to continually improve conversion. Sitecore personalisation and split testing are extensively used to improve and validate changes.

Future plans include even greater use of Sitecore Personas and marketing automation capabilties, plus further systems integrations and enhancements.

The channels that families can use to tap into Lifesearch's award winning services will expand, meaning more unprotected families can protect the life they love - the reason Lifesearch was created and why Appius are so proud of this work and this relationship.

Client feedback

The 'go to' choice for digital agency services

Appius personify what a collaborative and innovative partnership is. We have enjoyed working with them for many years and that has been an easy decision to make due to their consistent ability to deliver to high quality and do what they promise and when. Their ethos is consistent throughout their business and whoever you work with there is a real sense of honesty, genuine care for our business and its success, delivered by a team highly skilled in all aspects of Digital. What is truly outstanding is their rigorous agility to deliver projects through their honed and practiced methodology, their commitment to presenting areas of improvement and growth and their personable and likeable interactions.

The endorsement being we have worked with Appius in multiple organisations we have worked in making them are go to choice for Digital agency services.

Chris Neilson - Chief Technology Officer - Lifesearch & Emma Walker - Chief Marketing Officer - Lifesearch

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