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To transform your digital experience you need an agency with skills in all 4 of these areas.

Digital Strategy & results

Our strategy team will meet your digital objectives and constantly strive for measurable results.

Our digital marketing director and your digital account manager are a constant extension of your team, and define and document your strategy in line with your objectives.

They will work closely with you, both at your offices and back at ours, to squeeze every ounce of value and return on investment from your digital spend.

For projects or campaigns they will proactively set targets and track every visitor, click, lead, interaction and conversion for you. They will orchestrate your digital success and focus the team of Appius specialists to transform your digital experience.

  • Digital Strategy Reviews
  • Results improvement strategy
  • Digital transformation
  • Solutions architecture

Experience & engagement

Our specialist experience team will attract your target audience and turn them into brand evangelists.

We deliver a full set of organic search, paid and social media management for our clients. We also create data capture, email and marketing automation programs to generate digital leads.

Our full user centred design process combines digital brand delivery with UX, and we can deploy UX researchers with our mobile testing lab to improve the performance of your digital solutions.

Our team are fully trained in our Experience Platforms to get the best from their personalisation and engagement marketing features, and we’ll configure your analytics to measure every interaction and conversion.

  • User experience
  • Creative
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing automation

Service Delivery

We can adopt your current solution and manage multiple strands of digital services and projects.

Do you need to get more from your current digital solutions or just need an agency that can manage parallel workstreams from the smallest changes to the most challenging innovative projects and integrations?

Our service delivery model applies a release manager to achieve this seamlessly, backed by a highly experienced technical team who can adopt existing code, re-grade or recreate as required.

Our 24/7 monitoring hosting support is equally flexible, providing everything from advice and guidance for your in-house or partner infrastructure to fully outsourced hosting adoption and provision.

  • Hosting support
  • Solution on boarding
  • Business as usual retainers
  • Continuous development

Experience platforms

We partner, work with, extend and integrate systems with a collection of .NET experience platforms.

We work only with .NET platforms with the personalization and engagement marketing capabilities that make them experience platforms, not just a content management systems, with a framework of Appius pre-built and extended components.

The providers and platforms we partner with range from open source and license free to the world’s leading experience platforms according to Gartner.

By working with multiple platforms we can support or confirm your Experience Platform selection, and make it fly with accredited Technology and Experience team members who use it day in and day out.

Professionalism, unwavering commitment and great people to work with

Far too often you get a load of polish and promises at the start of a project that all too often evaporate as time goes on, particularly if the going gets a little tough. But that’s not the case with you guys and I can’t tell you how much all of us involved with this at Teachers Building Society appreciate and respect how you have gone about this from start to finish. What has been achieved and the manner in which it has been delivered is I think a testament to your professionalism, unwavering commitment and the fact that you are just great people to work with.

Ian Pullen - Service Delivery Manager – Teachers Building Society