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Delivering high impact interactive brands

Our Creative approach – digital first process and ongoing support.

We are passionate about creating or enhancing your digital and interactive brand, with memorable emotional impact.

We can define and document how your brand appears, moves, sounds and interacts with users in the digital channel – achieving your chosen level of accessibility for web content and PDFs.

Consider us as a creative extension of your team with some very specialist creative skills and a deep understanding of digital. We plan, co-ordinate and originate content too.

We are at your disposal to produce campaign assets, animations, video interviews, high impact sales presentations, infographics, high value content items and related offline assets.

Our Creative services include:

Interactive brand definition

Interactive brand definition Adapt and enhance your brand for all of your digital channels.

We can help you define how your brand comes to life in your digital channels. This means it needs to be adaptable and accessible, but also leverage all of the opportunities of increased interactivity.

Interactive brand definition

Creative concepts & designs

Creative concepts & designs We’ll create a variety of concepts and designs to choose from, and make sure every page and device display has the right impact.

At our concept stage we develop the interactive version of your brand into a variety of unique new concepts to choose from. Our online hosted designs will cover all device variations and all you and your target audience to provide feedback.

Creative concepts & designs

Animation & Video

Animation & Video Bring your brand and content to life with our animation and video capabilities.

Animation is ever more important for mobile optimized brands and we can animate your website, your digital marketing campaigns and your ‘difficult to explain’ concepts for your content marketing. We can also create or edit video assets – from stock to new filmed content for website, testimonials, B2B or lifestyle content.

Animation & Video

Creative & copywriting support

Creative & copywriting support

Being able to tap into the skills of our creatives and copywriters for ad hoc and retainer based requirements, when needed, is an invaluable resource for most of our clients. We can provide specific retainers or support projects spanning guidelines, templates, training or ‘doing’.

Creative & copywriting support

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How Creative fits with our Experience & Engagement offering.

There are many different ways to improve your brand impact and consistency. This can start with a competitor review and full brand definition process as part of a user centred design project, or just a tactical programme of increasing the impact of your digital marketing and website components.

At Appius our Creative skills are just part of our wider Experience & Engagement services covering UX, Creative, Digital Marketing and Analytics support and guidance. In fact our user centred design process was created to blend these threads to achieve the complete picture of acquisition, digital interactive brand impact, analytics and content support.

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