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User Experience

We are award winning for a reason.

Our UX approaches - full process or iterative improvements

With mainly digital media being consumed, the user's perception of a company's website or a brand can hinge on the quality of its UX design, potentially determining its success or failure. We have a full user centred design process to placing the target customer at the core of every decision we make. For faster results with your current UX we can apply our knowledge for you in an iterative way based on user interviews, analytics, personalisation and split testing.

Our team have experience from conducting 100s of user interviews across the B2B and B2C sectors. We pride ourselves on being specialists but also ‘hands on’ working in your platform and training you and your team.

Our User Experience services include

Personas & User Journeys Capture the essence of your audience groups, their emotional needs and goals.

We make sure we design for your users, not just for you and certainly not for us! Our specialists will ensure that your digital tech is learning about your users and adapting every step of the way.

Personas & User Journeys

Wireframing & I.A. Work quickly through your UX, information architecture and site structure quickly as an interactive prototype.

Our wireframing and information architecture deliverables are more than just a deliverable for you. We create an interactive prototype that adapts to your device and can be used for stakeholder feedback and end user UX Testing sessions.

Wireframing & I.A.

UX Research & Reviews Involve your users to validate or inform your direction of travel, or use our expert reviews to tap into our experience.

Whether you just need a specialist to review your stats, screen recordings and UX or want us to use our remote UX testing tools, we can improve your UX and conversion. Our UX recruitment and research can be fully fledged and best practice or fast and informal.

UX Research & Reviews

Split Testing & Personalisation Experiment to improve and personalise to amaze.

Our accredited specialists in split testing can experiment via your Experience Platform or use ‘plug in’ experimentation solutions. We can configure your solutions to create personas and personalise content, generating a conversion step change from targeted content.

Split Testing & Personalisation

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How UX fits with our Experience & Engagement offering

There are many different ways to improve the UX of your web solutions. You could start afresh with a competitor review and full user centred design process starting with new user personas. Alternatively, you could just get straight into some tactical approaches that begin with the data and the quick qualitative UX research, before you put time and money into changes.

At Appius our User Experience skills are just part of a wider Experience & Engagement services covering UX, Creative, Digital Marketing and Analytics support and guidance. In fact our user centred design process was created to blend these threads to achieve the complete picture of acquisition, digital interactive brand impact, analytics and content support.

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