Our Approach

Digital Transformation Journey

Digital transformation is a long journey and you need to deliver your strategy with the right phases or 'small steps'.

user journey
at a time

Appius are experts at defining and delivering results driven campaigns and technical projects to get value for you - one user journey at a time.

  • Workshops
  • Results-driven campaigns
  • Consultancy
  • Tactical projects
  • Analytics & conversion targets

So if we can work one user journey at a time then you might be thinking “Where do I start?

How we work

  • Frequent, open communication
  • Clear MoSCow prioritisation
  • Collaborative release cycles
  • Proactive risk management
  • Transparent change control

Adapting to your focus

Focus Matrix Flexible
Scope X
Cost X
Shedule X

User requirements

Project constraints

Technology requirements

Business requirements

Funnel Arrow
Phase Funnel

Where to start?

We have a set of workshops that can help you understand where to start for as little as £750 – ‘contact us

Digital Strategy Review

Experience Design Workshop

Digital Marketing Workshop

Technology and Integration Workshop

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